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Räsvelg 3" FPV Racing Frame

$ 45.00
Backordered! More on the way.

Designed to be light, but not fragile.

We spent extra time testing Räsvelg, because we needed to be sure the frame could take abuse. After several iteraions with various arm widths, carbon fiber thicknesses, and configurations, we finally arrived at a 5" version with 5mm replacable arms and a 3" version with a 3mm unibody plate.

The result is that Räsvelg 5 weighs in at only 75g, and Rasvelg 3 at only 35g.

Nylon and carbon fiber.

Räsvelg's canopy is made of insanely durable, 3D-printed white nylon. The material is stiff, yet pliable, resulting in heroic crash-resistance while still maintaining servicability.

Though Räsvelg's canopies are white, you can dye them any color you like with standard nylon dyes.


Räsvelg was designed to have skinny, yet thick arms for the best possible gains in aerodynamics.

The result is a frame with less surface area, so more of the thrust created by your motors gets turned into forward movement.

Additionally, the canopy's open design creates the least amount of air resistance possible.

Battery strap: solved

We fly hard, and we break battery straps when that flying turns into a certain kind of crashing. Traditionally, replacing a battery strap in the field has always been hugely annoying, with most frames requiring you to weave the strap through small slots.

Räsvelg 5 fixes this with relief in the replacable arms that allows you to slide your battery strap straight through, no weaving required.

Räsvelg: The giant corpse swallowing eagle.

The name Räsvelg comes from the Old Norse, Hræsvelgr, and a giant that takes the form of an eagle and flaps its wings at the end of the Earth to create wind currents.

It's also affectionaly known as "corpse swallower," because it does a bit of that too.

Compatible with the most common hardware.

Räsvelg is compatible with the parts you'll see on most builds. However, Räsvelg requires the following:

  • Flight Controller: SirinFPV is preferred, but any flight controller with 30.5mm mounting holes will fit
  • Motors: 22XX motors or any motor with standard 16x19 M3 mounting holes
  • ESCs: A 4in1 ESC is required in order to gain the benefits of Räsvelg's aerodynamics
  • Camera: Foxeer HS1177, RunCam Swift, RunCam Owl Plus, or other camera whose case is 25x25mm with screw nubs
  • VTX: Any VTX with a SMA pigtail (or the SirinFPV flight controller with built-in VTX)

Räsvelg's included hardware lets you soft-mount mount your PDB and flight controller. The included o-rings help prevent yaw-twitching for those sensitive gyros and motors with N52 magnets.

Check out these Räsvelg builds for inspiration:

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Customer Reviews

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