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Matek RGB LED Circle Board 7-colors X8 16V 4S

$ 4.99
Backordered! More on the way.


The LED light board with 8 RGB5050 lamp beads circular design, import-board DIP switches, toggle through the corresponding switch, seven color options. Single lamp board maximum power 1.9W, super bright. It can be used for multi-axis, through the machine, Helicopters, Cars and other light DIY


  • Input: 12 ~ 17V DC, 4S LiPo battery
  • DIP switch selected color (7 colors)
  • Size: light plate diameter 30mm, installation pitch 10mm, aperture 3mm
  • Weight: 2.5g
  • Packaging: X8-16V a circular light board, red and black power cord 30cm


  • INPUT: 12~17V DC
  • Weight: 5g

Selectable Colors:

  • B ON =Blue, 0.35W, 0.03
  • R ON =Red, 0.35W, 0.03A
  • G ON =Green, 0.35W, 0.03A
  • B+R =Megenta, 0.70W, 0.06A
  • B+G =Cyan, 0.70W, 0.06A
  • R+G =Yellow, 0.70W, 0.06A
  • B+R+G =White, 1.05W, 0.09A

Package Contents:

1 X Matek RGB LED X8 / 16V round 7-color light board

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