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HyperLite F4 Flight Controller

$ 26.99
Backordered! More on the way.


This is v1.2 which supports PPM satellite Spektrum receivers!

Performs amazing on DShot 600!

This board is direct from Sunrise Model and does not have the Hyperlite Logo.


New to the market comes the F4 HyperLite flight controller. PiroFlipRC and Sunrise got together and designed this board for racing in mind. This is the next generation of flight controllers that have been desired by many people. Feel the difference by hooking into one of these!

How to Flash RaceFlight!

How to Flash BetaFlight!

  • Uses betaflight_X.X.X_REVO.hex
  • To flash BF, follow these instructions.
  • While plugging in the USB cable, hold the Bootloader button down. Once the light is solid red, you can let go.
    • Use zadig(download here) to change STM32 Bootloader to WinUSB. This will put the FC in DFU mode
  • Open Betaflight and go to the flashing section
  • Choose the firmware desired.
  • Make sure the following options are turned on
    • No boot sequence
    • Full chip erase
    • Manual baud rate: 256000
  • Click load firmware online(or download the one from the betaflight thread)
  • Click flash firmware
  • Done!
Follow the BetaFlight RCGroups thread here


    • STM32F405 CPU
    • MPU6000 Accelerometer and Gyro
    • MicroUSB socket
    • 7pin JST-SH Socket (SUBS, SERIAL RX,TX,  5V, GND)
    • 6 x though-holes headers for ESC
    • 36 x 36mm board with standard 30.5mm mounting holes
    • Weight: 5g


    • Support raceflight and betaflight firmware - default is RF
    • M25P16 - 16 Mbit serial flash memory, @ 75 MHz SPI bus interface
    • Gyro and MCU have 3.3V independent power supply
    • Outputs for up to 6 motors (ESCs)
    • Three available hardware UART ports
    • Built in SBUS inverter


    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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