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DALPROP 4045 Tri Blade V2 Propeller Purple

DALPROP 4045 Tri Blade V2 Propeller

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These propellers are nearly indestructible! By providing amazing thrust and 'gripping' the air better than the standard 2 blade propellers, this propeller will give you more confidence in performing more daring maneuvers. Excellent for racing and freestyle.

Go the extra distance with these propellers. They draw less amps at the cost of slightly less thrust but handle the corners better than the standard Bullnose.

Hit a tree branch? No problem. Hit a race gate? No problem. Recover and keep on flying!


  • 4" tri-blade
  • Inner diameter: (Prop Mount) 5 mm
  • Usage: 4"+ Frame
  • Pre-Balanced on Dynamic Balancing Machine
  • 4 Props total (2CW, 2CCW) DAL Props
  • High efficiency, good balance, low vibration

PC + glass fiber material is made of a high quality, flexible and durable plastic that can easily survive crashes and tree clips.

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