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About Us

Drone Eclipse LLC is a local business based out of Sacramento, CA and caters to FPV racing enthusiasts looking to purchase high-end FPV parts. Here is a brief background on how I came to be so passionate about Drone Racing.


When I was young, I always had various inexpensive RC toys. At the age of 14, I worked with a professional lawn service throughout summer to purchase my first “hobby" RC truck. It was one of my proudest and most memorable moments in my younger years.


From that day on, I have been hooked on this industry. I would rebuild frames, replaced motors, and upgraded servos. When I was about 21, I purchased my first Nitro powered RC truck, the TMaxx. I did the same with this for about 2 years. Then I started getting involved with a racing group that held tournaments every other week and learned about the competitive nature of the sport. I was extremely involved around the age of 24 that I purchased another electric truck along with a 1/8th scale Nitro Buggy to compete in a wider range of competitions.


In my late 20's, I wanted to try something new, so I purchased an eflite RC Heli and learned how to fly that. To be honest, I was never that good but loved the challenge it gave me.  I started looking into multirotor drones and came across the FPV racing and acro videos and knew instantly that I had to get involved.


I fly and live in the Sacramento, CA area and also fly when I can with the group from Berkeley, CA along with a local group. As you may know, they held the first National Drone Races here is Sacramento. I volunteered at the event and met many amazing people.


I have saved up and worked hard to enable myself to open an online retail business to help and improve the FPV community. I have been flying for about a year and cannot get away. I built 5 multirotors since I started and have learned what the best products are out there. Right now, I am flying an MXP230e, 2 x ZMR250’s, QAV210, and a TBS Discovery. All of which I built.


I look forward to providing stellar service, the best parts at the best prices and best of all meeting new people and creating lasting relationships with my customers.