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New Products!

Aomway Flyduino XNova

As of 12/13, we are proud to announce that we are officially a retailer for the new XNova motors along with Aomway and Flyduino. You all should expect to see some great new products popping up on the store.   Thank you all for all the support! I couldn't be doing this without you!

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Xhover MXP Frames

MXP180 MXP230e XHover

Friday, we finally received our shipment of the MXP180 and MXP230e. Immediately listed them as in stock. They are all ready to go as soon as the orders come in.

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QAV180/QAV210 Crash Kits and Lipo's In Stock Now!

Today, we received the QAV180 and QAV210 Complete crash kits and added them to inventory Here. Along with the crash kits, we received All of the Lumenier 4s 60-75c Lipo's! Check them out Here. In the crash kits, the QAV180/QAV210 GoPro and Mobius mounts are available and ready to install Here. Unfortunately, the 4mm Unibody frame plate for the QAV210 is still on backorder but should be available shortly.  Stay tuned for more products to be added to the webpage!

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Grand Opening! First Post

Drone Eclipse Grand Opening

Today, 11/1/2015, we brought down the Password front page and opened for business. We send out a welcome and thanks email to all that signed up to see when we opened and got great results. I decided to wait a couple days to start promoting on social media sited so that we can iron out any minor details that needed to be fixed. This allowed us time to fine tune and maximize your(the customers) experience with little to no errors/bugs. I plan in the next couple of day to start promoting and officially announce that we are open for business....

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